Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are...

I just watched the trailer for "Where the Wild Things Are" and am super excited about one of my favorite childhood books being turned into a movie! I think most kids my age loved this book when they were younger and most likely could recite the whole thing. I think this movie is going to appeal to all ages. My parents and grandparents read me the book so they'll want to check it out, and I'll think of an excuse to see it as well, and it's a perfect movie for younger kids to go to as well. One problem I don't see this movie having is people saying it's not like the book. It is a few pages so they can't really go wrong.
I already have the release date (October 16th) written in my planner! I am super excited!...let me know if you want to go...

Some of my favorite songs is movies are as follows:
BEST car chase scene song ever...Season 4, final episode of The OC...Marissa Cooper and Ryan are getting chased by Volchek. The scene is so intense but is a must see, check it on youtube for sure (! Anyway, the song "Hallelujah" by Imogen Heap actually plays right after the crash but still the song evokes so emotion. I even made a friend watch the YouTube vid and she was crying while watching it and she never even watched The OC. I think this is the best "after car crash, I'm dying song" ever...I balled my eyes out when I watched this and actually I still do.
My favorite intimate love scene has to go to Kate Havnevik's song "Grace" in the season finale of Grey's Anatomy (which isn't a movie but whatever). It is an absolutely beautiful song and makes this intimate scene very passionate and desirous.
I loved Barry Louis Polisar's song "All I Want Is You" song for the opening credits for Juno. The whole movie had a different music feel and this song definitely set the tone of the movie. The song was a great promotional tool for all the indie bands out there. After this movie this song/band skyrocketed in sales as well as the rest of the songs in the movie.
Music makes a movie/show/everything!! I mean if 3OH!3's song wasn't the theme song for the show CandyGirls on E! there would be no way I would watch that...but now I am rearranging my schedule to watch this!! I love hearing my favorite songs on shows or movies and think it is a great way to promote new music too. Hello, that's what The OC, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill blah blah do every time the air. People are figuring out what songs they played and downloading them immediately. I like that MTV now tells you what song they are playing when it is featured on their shows, so smart!
That's all I have for now, keep rockin the free world!
peace love and my new fav band is- Go Radio. I hope their song "Forever my Father" is played on some show. It definitely deserves to be! Oh and I love twitter too!! I am obsessed with it actually! Follow me...

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