Sunday, April 19, 2009

Campus Music Invasion

Favorite band on the Campus Music Invasion by far is Early States! I have a CD in my car of all the bands and I pretty much only play E.S. and repeat them over and over (since I only have 2 songs of theirs). Every time my friends ride with me in my car I make them listen and usually then end up loving it too…or I think they do.
I think the 2 songs on the CD are very different from each other which makes me really like them. They have a very different feel but yet you can tell it's the same band, Also, I just love the musical sound in the songs…I can’t even explain how much I love this band!! FAV for sure!

My favorite band regionally would be Pinstripe 45’s. They were also one of the favorite bands when we did the listening party. This is definitely a band that will stay around awhile and will continue to grow in popularity. I actually need to start listening to them more so I can know all their stuff when the blow up...

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