Wednesday, February 4, 2009


YEAAAA!! A long awaited birthday...I'm finally 21!!! WHOO WHOO! Yesterday (Feb. 3rd) was my 21st birthday which equals the greatest day ever. I went out at midnight on Tuesday morning to Homy Inn. It was fun to go out with a few friends and just act like an adult. On my birthday my 8 am class was sweet is that? Later that night I went to a concert...again so sweet. I wouldn't want a birthday party any other place in the entire world. I went with a few friends to the Automatic Loveletter (obsessed with them for sure), Friday Night Boys, and A Cursive Memory concert. It was a blast! I met Juliet, the lead singer for Automatic, and she sang Happy Birthday to me. I then proceeded to get on stage and hug EVERY member of her band. It rocked. I meet all the bands after and it was a seriously the best birthday ever. I made so many new friends and honestly wouldn't want to celebrate any other way. If you want some more details of the night let me know...I have some real funny stories! Like about the guy that wanted to put me in his pocket!

Peace love and birthdays are the best...especially your 21st!!

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