Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Rocket To The Moon

My new favorite album in the past couple months would definitely be Greetings from... by A Rocket To The Moon. The album hit my iPod and hasn't stopped blasting out of my iHome and iTrip (which by the way might be the best invention EVER!). Their sound is classified as American Pop/Alternative Pop but each person has their own exact definition of how they would classify this music. I first heard of A Rocket when they went on tour this fall with Cute Is What We Aim For. My first impression was hearing them live at the concert and they have had my heart ever since.

The album isn't crazy dance music you hear in the club or the kind that makes you want to try a new dance move you saw in some hip hop video but is the kind of music that makes you reminisce about the past. They just seem to totally captivate how every boy or girl feels growing up. Like when we all feel unsure about life especially when we are crushing on some hottie. The vocals by Nick Santino are calming and give you a sense of reassurance. It makes you feel like someone out there knows how you feel and might be feeling the same way. What's even better about the vocals is that they are in a range most of us non-singers can actually sing too.

Caution: When driving please BE CAREFUL! The beats make you tap your fingers on the steering wheel and it's highly possible to get lost in the guitar parts throughout the songs. I have to remind myself to open my eyes, stop swaying my head around and actually focus on the road. The lyrics are super catchy and lines get stuck in your head but not to the point of annoyance. It's like they pop in your head when it pertains to a situation your's kind of crazy how it works actually.

Like I said the songs relate to this pivotal point in life when you are trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do in life. Life is actually getting hard, I'm growing up and I have responsibilities, I actually have to act like an adult but A Rocket lets me think of how my life use to be "take me back to the person I use to be...OMG how ridiculous were we." The album definitely makes me drum along and sing like...well, like I'm actually a good singer. The lyrics make you think about your life and past experiences, stories of people you had crushes on, or just crazy times you had with your friends that summer when you had nothing to worry about yet. If I didn't sell you already check them out for yourself...

And if you're in the Omaha area they are coming with 3OH!3, The Maine, Family Force 5, and Hit The Lights on April 9 so you should come!! Even if you're not in the area you should come, it's worth it. Hit me up if you want to go.

peace love and download Fear of Flying!!

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